Freelance Web engineer 

05.2017 - present

Working as an independent Web engineer, I apply my experience to answer Web tech needs.
Clients include:

  • Amobee (Malaysia)
    • Developed interactive mobile ads for automobile campaigns.
  • Laserlike (U.S)
    • Developed mobile ads
  • Ghost Locomotion (U.S)
    • Corporate site: implementation, analytics wiring, A/B testing
    • Data visualization dashboards
    • Customer portal

Lead Front-end engineer ← Front-end engineer 

Adello - Karlsruhe (DE)
10.2014 - 06.2019 (4 years and 9 months)

I was hired as the first front-end engineer to build a range of interactive mobile ad templates.
With the company growth, I helped build a cross-continent team of web developers and designers.
When not creating ads, I built internal tools to generate ads, wire analytics or data reporting dashboards.
Sample work

Research and development engineer 

Phonitive - Toulouse (FR)
03.2013 - 09.2014 (1 year and 7 months)

I joined Phonitive to help with their shift from an "App shop" to building a in-house augmented video solution for handheld devices.
I initially worked on the iOS and Android version of the engine, mainly on the OpenGL/GLSL part.
I later worked on porting the technology to the Web.
Augmented video technology

Technican for the mobile development

Scottish Center for Enabling Technologies - Paisley (UK)
07.2012 - 02.2013 (8 months)

Initially started by working on 3D data visualization for Web and mobile.
I quickly switched to making mobile App prototypes for a range of industries.


Bsc (Honours) in Computer Games Technology

University of the West of Scotland
2010 - 2012

DUT in Computing, specialization in Digital Imaging

IUT Arles
2008 - 2010