Web engineer with over 7 years of experience.
I have worked with companies across the globe: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Malaysia, United States.

I currently work as a freelancer developing web projects.

I specialize in complex UI/UX, highly interactive systems, data visualization and web advertising.


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Work Samples

Corporate Site

Corporate Site for Ghost Locomotion.
Developed using WebPack/Pug/Sass/ES6/jQuery and Netlify.
Analytics wired using GTM, GA and Facebook for business.

Interactive Cube Mobile Ad

MRAID responsive interstitial mobile ad to running with any vendor.
Developed using Vanilla ES5, LESS & Grunt.

NPM Module

Grunt  plugin to take headless screenshots of web pages. 
Developed using Grunt, SlimerJS and XVFB.

React / Twitter API / Serverless Fun

Twitter Feed built on a serverless Twitter API proxy.
Developed with Netlify serverless functions & React.

360 Mobile Gyro Ad

360 gyro based ad for mobile.
Developed with: Grunt, Vanilla ES5 and LESS.

Mobile Ad Previewer + 3D interactive cube

Previewer built using React, Styled-components.
URL minifier sharing service build using Serverless on AWS.
3D Cube with: Grunt, Vanilla ES5 and LESS.